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Increasing Impact through Collective Action

In a 1994 speech on effective public administration for local government systems, the late Professor Edwin Jones shared what he considered to be the role of public administration in building “… macro organizational capacities, to ensure co-operation among organizations and to steer such organizations toward effective problem-solving via collective decision making.”  He suggested that the actions of public administration “… […]

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Environmental Impact Assessment and Development Planning in the Caribbean

By Lloyd Gardner   March 1, 2012 Environmental impact assessment (EIA) can be defined simply as a mechanism for identifying the likely environmental impacts of an action.  Within the Caribbean, EIA is used in two basic ways; (i) as an evaluation tool for identifying the environmental impacts of specific projects, and (ii) as a process for facilitating public participation in […]

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Cost of Social Conflicts in Tourism Development in the Caribbean

By Lloyd Gardner   November 1, 2011 The Caribbean community is reminded constantly that the tourism industry produces significant economic benefits to Caribbean economies. Less discussed, but of major concern, are the environmental and social costs associated with Caribbean tourism development.  Though there have been previous attempts to identify the environmental impacts associated with tourism in the Caribbean, the costs […]

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