By Lloyd Gardner – August 1, 2011

The Foundation for Development Planning, Inc was founded for the purpose of designing tool and processes, and supporting programs, that lead to sustainable development of Caribbean communities.  As development takes place at the individual, organizational, community, national, and regional levels, the Foundation has designed its Program of Work and operational modalities to function effectively at all levels of the development process.  This extends from the focus on our Associates and Leadership Development Program, through supporting and strengthening other institutions whenever practicable, to participation in regional environment and development programs.

The primary areas of focus are research, development of appropriate tools and processes, and technical assistance to organizations and communities.  Although the Foundation is focused on the Caribbean, it will contribute to international environment and development initiatives primarily through its research and development efforts.

The founding members articulated their intent for the Foundation to be an effective institution central to the development of the Caribbean region.  As such, the Foundation will establish policies and practices to ensure that it maintains the highest professional standards, and that it adds value to the development processes through its interventions.

We look forward to working with you as we all strive to improve the quality of life of Caribbean peoples.

Lloyd Gardner is an environmental planning consultant and President of the Foundation for Development Planning, Inc.