Mrs. Aldene Shillingford (MSW) is a consultant in community development and a MPhil/Ph.D. Candidate in Sociology, University of the West Indies.

Mrs. Shillingford is an experienced social work professional with more than twenty-two years of experience in higher education, project management, and grassroots community development in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean.  She has extensive experience in conducting program and project evaluation, grant writing, and training of trainers to undertake development work.

Mrs. Shillingford engages in social work macro practice, with her areas of expertise and interests including: community practice/development; building resilient communities; social planning and project design; sustainable development; community-based psychosocial support for disaster risk reduction; and community partnerships for development.

 Mrs. Shillingford previously held research and administrative positions in academia and the civil society sector, including: Acting Coordinator of the Social Work Unit in the Department of Sociology, University of the West Indies-Mona; Regional Programme Coordinator of the Caribbean Internship Programme, University of the West Indies; Project Manager with the Environmental Foundation of Jamaica; and Director of Family Planning Services, Women’s Centre of Jamaica Foundation.

As a research and teaching faculty member at undergraduate and graduate levels, Mrs. Shillingford supervised preparation of graduate research papers and the work of social work students on their practicum assignments in urban and rural communities in Jamaica, seven Eastern Caribbean countries, and Belize.  She designed and managed community-based interventions to meet the needs of inner city pre-school children; designed and managed the Caribbean regional service-learning program, which currently operates in six countries; raised approximately USD 2.5 million for research and community projects; and produced manuals, videos, and policy and procedural guidelines for community-based interventions.

Mrs. Shillingford’s community service in Jamaica mirrors her professional work, as she assists communities to conceptualise and implement community development initiatives.  She is a Founding and Executive Member of the Woodford Community Action Group, a member of the Advisory Committee of Woodford Home-Work and Learning Centre, a board member of the Woodford All-Age School, a former board member of the Council for Volunteer Social Services, and a former member of the National Council of Drug Abuse Community Development Committee.

Both Mrs. Shillingford and her projects have received recognition and awards from academic, community, and national institutions for academic performance and community service.