Climate Change Adaptation

It is anticipated that climate change will create severe shocks to Caribbean economies. Current events, such as higher temperature, tropical storms, coral bleaching, and drought are expected to increase in severity. Increased temperatures and changes in precipitation will generate secondary impacts in the biophysical environment, affecting the integrity and resilience of critical ecosystems, food security, human health, and the ability of communities to absorb the shocks. Many Caribbean countries are currently undertaking vulnerability and risk assessments as a prelude to preparation of climate change adaptation programs.  Building resilience in the ecological systems, key economic sectors, and social systems is a requirement for sustaining Caribbean communities under climate change conditions.

The Foundation for Development Planning, Inc (FDPI) will focus on the following areas:

  1. Climate change adaptation planning.
  2. Disaster risk reduction.
  3. Food, health, and water security
  4. Economic modeling (investment and finance, insurance, impacts on development patterns and growth, opportunities for increasing stability and resilience of ecosystems and key economic sectors, risk assessment and management).
  5. Protected areas policy and planning.

Current Initiatives:
U.S. Virgin Islands Climate Change Program

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