The purpose of the Foundation for Development Planning, Inc (FDPI) is to engage in programs that lead to the sustainable development of Caribbean communities.  That purpose is to be achieved primarily through two modalities:

  • Development of programs, tools, and processes to improve management of island systems; and
  • Provision of technical assistance to community, national, regional, and other organizations in the design and implementation of studies, projects, and programs in environmental management and sustainable development.

The FDPI’s program of work is responsive to the development needs and realities of the Caribbean.  Caribbean economies are essentially single-sector economies that are constrained by structural deficiencies, and are extremely vulnerable to external shocks.

Concerns regarding the utility of current development models, the existence of governance systems that constrain full public participation in the development process, and the low level of public confidence in the future are reasons for the FDPI to be engaged in processes that are not necessarily in the mainstream of national or regional development planning in the Caribbean.

In order to effectively support the development processes in the Caribbean, the FDPI will collaborate with institutions in the public, private, and civil society sectors, while remaining fully engaged with the general public.

The Program of Work 2021-2031 consists of the following program areas:
Water Resources Development
Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction
Development Planning and Research
Development of Decision Support Tools
Strengthening of the Caribbean Civil Society Sector

Cross-cutting themes, to be incorporated into all program areas, are:
• Capacity Development;
Public Engagement; and
• Governance.