Dr. Beverly Foster-Hinds is an Associate Professor at the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean, Jamaica, in the Department of Business, Entrepreneurship and Management. Dr. Foster-Hinds is also an accomplished Marketer with over twenty years of achievement and demonstrated success in marketing and communications management across the private, state, and government sectors. Her experience includes social media marketing, crisis management, strategic planning, sales management, event planning and management, and marketing management.

Dr. Foster-Hinds holds a DBA from the University of Phoenix, USA, an MSc. in Marketing from the University of Salford, U.K., and a BSc. in Psychobiology from New York University, New York. Dr. Foster-Hinds is also certified in workplace and business coaching.

Dr. Foster-Hinds always had a natural love of the ocean and a keen interest in preserving this precious ecosystem. During her tenure at the Institute of Marine Affairs, she gained further knowledge of the importance of the ocean to life on Earth and the challenges facing the environment. This experience increased her interest in collaborating with organizations in the Caribbean working towards sustainable development.