Access to information is necessary to support learning and personal development, informed decision making in development processes, participatory decision-making processes, and good governance. However, information is often not available or easily accessible in many communities and small island states, thus the need to improve access is highlighted in regional and international programs and conventions.

The Foundation for Development Planning, Inc. (FDPI) launched this Information Access and Knowledge Production Initiative to encourage individual and community contribution to the FDPI’s effort to facilitate access to information for learning, individual growth, and community development.

The FDPI is well placed to facilitate the flow of and access to information due of its connection to individuals, institutions, networks, and its participation in initiatives at community, national, and regional levels.

Please donate to enable the FDPI to establish its shared digital collection. Target: US$1.1 million.


Intended Outcomes from the online digital collection:

  • Increased access to information and tools needed to support decision making.
  • Enhanced learning and research opportunities in formal and non-formal education programs.
  • Reduction in the level of risk associated with routine loss of valuable information materials.
  • Increased support for social development initiatives.
  • Improvement in the quantity and quality of digital materials available for learning, community development, economic development, and public policy development.

You can also participate in the peer-peer learning and knowledge production networks when they become operational in 2024.

To inquire about participating in the FDPI’s learning and knowledge networks contact the FDPI at