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Climate Change and Health: potential scenarios for small islands in the Caribbean

By Pablo A. Méndez-Lázaro Climate change presents evolving challenges to human health and to the distribution and diversity of living natural resources (IPCC, 2007; Bozzi and Dubrow, 2020). Some of these challenges are due to changing temperatures and weather patterns (Villarini et al. 2011). Extreme events, such as heat waves, widespread flooding, or very strong storms, are of interest to […]

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Urban Green Spaces and Development in the Insular Caribbean

By Lloyd Gardner   January 1, 2012 Green spaces were traditionally included in urban development to achieve objectives such as aesthetics (verges and gardens), provision of recreational opportunities (gardens, camp grounds, playing fields, urban parks), and delineation of particular land uses (e.g. green belts used to demarcate residential areas or set city limits).  Green spaces contribute to an urban community’s […]

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