Decisions regarding public sector development strategies and major investments are often made using tools and information not apparent to the communities affected by those decisions.  There is a general perception that economic and other development decisions are not based on data and use of standard analytical tools.  The increasing vulnerability of communities results in decreased public trust in government, which reduces public participation in the development process.  This program area supports the development and adaptation of standard methods and innovative tools to support decision making in the development planning and development control processes.

Areas of focus for the 2021-2031 program period are:

  1. Information management and delivery systems.
  2. Establishment of an FDPI publications program.
  3. Development of learning and knowledge production networks.
  4. Public policy analysis and development.

The FDPI launched the Information Access and Knowledge Production Initiative to encourage community contribution to the FDPI’s effort to facilitate access to information for learning, individual growth, and community development.

Knowledge production initiatives to which the FDPI has contributed include:
Caribbean chapter of the U.S. Fifth National Climate Assessment report.
– Caribbean Social Justice Forum Journal, Vol.2, No.3, August-December 2023.