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Climate Change and Health: potential scenarios for small islands in the Caribbean

By Pablo A. Méndez-Lázaro Climate change presents evolving challenges to human health and to the distribution and diversity of living natural resources (IPCC, 2007; Bozzi and Dubrow, 2020). Some of these challenges are due to changing temperatures and weather patterns (Villarini et al. 2011). Extreme events, such as heat waves, widespread flooding, or very strong storms, are of interest to […]

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Small and Medium Enterprises as Indicators of Resilience to Climate Change in the Caribbean

By Asad Mohammed and Perry Polar Paper presented at the Forum for the Future of the Caribbean – May 2015 Abstract The Caribbean’s contribution to global climate change is negligible, but the projected impacts of global climate change on the region may be devastating, given the limited adaptive capacity of the region’s small islands and low-lying coastal states. Understanding a […]

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Climate Change and the U.S. Virgin Islands

By Lloyd Gardner First published as an Op-ed in the Virgin Islands Source on March 2, 2012 An October 2011 Associated Press article on climate change stated that a leading skeptic of climate change, after conducting his own study, concluded that the earth’s surface temperature is rising. This was notable because this particular climate skeptic, Richard Muller, is said to […]

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Community Empowerment for Climate Adaptation

By John Waugh   January 30, 2012 Hurricanes have always been the dread of Small Island Developing States in the tropics, and nowhere are they feared more than in the insular Caribbean.  Models of our changing climate predict more intense tropical storms, but that isn’t the only thing the future has in store for the Caribbean.  Climate change is also expected […]

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